Participants of the Greater Poland Uprising

Greater Poland Uprising, which broke out in December 1918 and lasted until the 16th of February 2019, was the only such a great and victorious fight to regain independence in the history of our State. Many studies, books, albums and articles concerning this subject have been developed, but there was no complete list of insurgents and, broadly speaking, the participants: not only those who armed stood out against the invader, but also those who supported the Uprising financially and organizationally. There were, among others, the priests, doctors, nurses and farmers who provided shelter, clothing and food including scouts and children running with reports.

On the hundredth anniversary of this victorious independence spurt, we decided to honour those who in any way are mentioned in the studies, archives and preserved lists of the Insurgents. In the spring of 2016, we started the implementation of "Participants of the Greater Poland Uprising" project. Based on nearly 650 sources, we have created a list of 80,000 people with their birth and burial places, parents’ names and other information. More details about the idea and implementation of the project can be found in About tab.

The list of participants is not and will probably never be complete - many Insurgents and those involved in help will forever remain nameless. However, we intend to supplement and expand the list of participants of the Greater Poland Uprising based on available sources. We therefore ask you to contact the project administrator in order to complete a full list of all who have served the uprising in any way. The participation must be confirmed by an appropriate document (publication, ID card, attestation, memories, etc.).

You are also welcome to read the history of the Greater Poland Uprising in the article of prof. Janusz Karwat.

Project creators

The project is implemented by the Genealogical Society of Greater Poland "Gniazdo". Thanks to hundreds of hours of work of members and supporters of this Society, it became possible to develop a list of participants of the Greater Poland Uprising. See the list of persons involved in project implementation.

Collaboration and acknowledgements

The implementation of each project requires not only hundreds of hours of work, but also financial support and kindness of institutions providing source materials. We gratefully acknowledge all the people and institutions that supported us in our work on the project.

Honorary patronage

The project was implemented under a honorary patronage of Marek Woźniak, Marshal of Greater Poland Voivodeship

Financial support

The implementation of the project was possible thanks to the support of the Marshal's Office of Greater Poland Voivodeship within the framework of the public task "Participants of the Greater Poland Uprising - online database" co-financed from the resources of the Greater Poland Voivodeship Government.

The project was funded with support from the City of Poznań.

IT Support (server)

The project website, like other projects of the Genealogical Society of Greater Poland "Gniazdo", operates thanks to servers made available by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center.


We also gratefully acknowledge the management and employees of State Archives in Poznań, Archives of the President of the Republic of Poland, Military Historical Bureau (Central Military Archives), Greater Poland Museum of Independence, Archdiocesan Archives in Poznań, Archdiocesan Archives in Gniezno, Museum of Greater Poland Insurgents named after General Józef Dowbor Muśnicki in Lusowo, National Museum in Poznań as well as Provincial Public Library and Center for Culture Animation in Poznań.

All photographs used on the website come from the collections of the State Archives in Poznań.

Media patronage

The project was implemented under a media patronage of Radio Poznan and Glos Wielkopolski

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Genealogical Society

Genealogical Society of Greater Poland "Gniazdo" (WTG "Gniazdo") is Polish non-profit and public benefit organisation which supports people discovering their family stories and promotes genealogy in its broadest sense. It also carries out many interesting genealogical and historical projects. You can read more about the details on our website.

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Our list is based on over 600 archival items and publications. Volunteers indexed these documents and combined data about the insurgents into one coherent collection. The bibliographic census is not complete and in the future we will add further studies, enrich the project with new people, so that our census is as complete as possible.

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The Greater Poland Uprising Cross is an award established in 1957 by a decree of the Council of State. In 2014. Genealogical Society of Greater Poland "Gniazdo" has prepared a list of those who have been awarded the Cross, for whom the applications for its award together with the justification have survived. The project contains 23 thousand names.

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